My Post Apocalyptic look

Sometimes when you try to avoid a thought or feeling, your mind runs rapid in with EVERY OTHER thought under the moon. It’s as if the deliberate shift from not visiting a topic, sends your brain message pathway into to hyperdrive.

I am currently, timidly, tiptoeing around some really gooey feelings regarding an ex. The moment I begin to let myself “go there” in my mind, it’s as if my body has stuck a big toe into the most frigid ice water and I go screaming and wailing away. I know it is something that I have to look at head on, and I am hoping that the water will warm up to at least luke-warm. In the meantime as I teeter back and forth between facing my feelings and fleeing in agony, my creative juices are flowing like non other. Thoughts of full art shows, and new clothing concepts parade around like pop ups in my consciousness. I’m finding inspiration through this experience.

I know that tremendous benefits can come from situations of pain & growth. I think of it as a broken bone. While it is healing you have to learn how to adapt and adjust around the fracture. How to use your body in alternative ways to get around and function. You become creative. At first it is a inconvenience and painful, but over time while you heal , you see that you aren’t limited by how you had been operating. You have no choice but to use other muscles, other body parts. And in the end, once the bone has healed, the mend of the bone rejoining is stronger then it had  been in its original form.

They say its not what happens to you that defines you, but how you react to what happens. I’m choosing to stay positive through the lows and hurt. I know that if I see this through with no regret or resentment, only positives will be waiting for me ahead. The ache and pain, the alternative routes, they are all contributing to making my creativity, my spirit, my character, my soul, and myself, stronger and more unbreakable.

THE DAILY LOVE is a daily email that you sign up to receive positive mantras and concepts that help you reflect upon what’s going on in your life. You will get a daily dose of inspiration. I find that it is ALWAYS spot on on what I need to receive as far as guidance and direction. It is applicable to all. Live your life with intention! You will find a positive charge from receiving these doses of perspective and encouragement. I have been fallowing them for about a year now, it has hands down CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! Turn your living into an experimentation in deliberate motive. Take your daily experience and reflect and grow. Use as many resources to help you in your journey. You are not in this alone. There are so many entities at play to help you succeed. Open yourself to what is available.

to dream 

She is you. You don’t recognize her because she’s beautiful & tragic. She is in us all. She allows us to hear, heal, grow, learn. Let her voice be uncovered and you will be surprised by your capacity to be tolerant. “Compassion & kindness” treat yourself well & delicately. You are indestructible, the world will throw the hard edges at you. You remain solid yet adaptable. We are animals reaching for the spirit. Let nothing stand in your way. 

Find your spirit guide and animal.


I met her back in the early 00′s. She is free, forward and encouraging. Upon an accidental return of one of my pieces to her store we became fast friends. I haven’t seen her in years, but her spirit lives on with me. I was first smitten with her after a show  I saw at a Salon called Lather. It was a Valentines Day show and she killed it. She made paper pillow art by taking two pieces of paper, sewing them together with a sewing machine. stuffing them with cotton and then painted on top. She hung the pieces beautifully along the perimeter of the ceiling. It was epic, a beautiful inspiring memory that I carry with me always. She pushed the boundaries of conceptual art like I had only seen done before by the great Yoko Ono.

Kime has since blown up collaborating with Urban Decay cosmetics and Vans shoes. You gooo guurrrlllll! I <3 Youuu!!

London-based graphic designer and illustrator. She’s inspiring. Takes her art to another level. Limited by no medium. Pretty Cool. Check her out;